Madball 1.4.1 Release

Madball 1.4.1 Release

Spell progression and leveling up: Added a progression for heroes’ spells: now you will be able to level up your spells by gathering experience during matches and by completing quests (explained below) to improve the visual and in-game effect of your spells. Take your spells to the maximum level and unleash their full power!

  • Weekly and daily quests: Added a new quests system to allow players to gather rewards for playing with specific spells and heroes or reaching specific mid term goal.
  • New game modes: Quick Play, VS Ai, Practice and Tutorial.

For an easier progression and player enjoyment, now you have the option to choose your preferred game mode. Should you be a new player or a veteran player you may jump into the mayhem or practice to learn how to get the maximum potential from your spells.

The User Interface has undergone an extensive overhaul. Several new options have been added for customization, leveling up and game options.

  • New UI: Spell progression and preview: Added a comprehensive UI for spell leveling with stats and experience required.
  • New UI: Quests: Added an UI for active quests summary.
  • Revamped UI: Added several spells and skin to improve customization of heroes and spells.
  • New UI: Game modes: Added an UI to quickly choose between different game modes.


  • Tooltips have been adjusted for the following languages: English.


  • Several minor fixes to bug and graphic visuals.

Minor fixes:

  • Improved app stability on the latest Android builds
  • Profile icons visual graphic bug resolved.
  • Fixed interaction of higher level spells.